Пять двухместных и один восьмиместный номер. Просторный Каминный зал, сезонный Банкетный зал.

5 номеров / 2 places

About the Club

A club is a meeting place. Here we consume Galya’s syrniki, sit by the fireplace, talk and play charades. There are five nice, cozy double rooms on the second floor of the club. The entire club can be rented for special occasions, with previous arrangement. The cost is determined on a case-by-case basis.


40 x
0 rub/day

Double room

A very comfortable room with dormer windows. Isn’t is sheer heaven to see the pine trees in the morning? Toilet and toilet+shower on the floor.

It costs 1,750 per person per night for double occupancy, 3,000 per night for single occupancy. 


2 x
3600 rub/day

Snow White

You see beds in the photo, but there really aren't any; there’s simply no way you can re-photograph it. Now there are sofas and chairs instead of beds. In Snow White we dine by the fireplace, if indeed we don't live there. We set up a theatre and we lounge around on the sofas just like that. You can rent it for your group: 3900 rubles for 4 hours, 6750 for 8 hours.

15 x
0 rub/day

The seasonal banquet hall

A banquet hall with space for 100 people. A professional kitchen adjoining with a convenient serving window. Exit to the dance floor. Rental is calculated on an event basis, depending on the number of guests. Cost for guests staying at Veretevo: 1000 rubles per night; for guests not staying at the camp, 1500 rubles per night. Minimum charge: 45,000 rubles per night. If we close Veretevo for your event, the banquet hall is provided free of cost.

100 x
45000 rub/day