What is Veretevo?

River and forest, sculptures and exhibits, cozy, wood-heated forest cabins and rooms with original decor by famous designers.

It's a great place to relax. Stroll in the woods, listen to the birds, have a good sweat in the banya, forget all about the rush of the city. It's a great place to get work done. Talk with your co-workers during breaks from meetings about how great it is to think and write in nature.

Once you’ve been here, you’ll want to come back. It’s a fact.

Where to stay

Various types available for any taste and group size: rooms for from 2 to 10 people

Таежные домики

Таежные домики

4 rooms / 2 places
from 9900 rub/days
Дом пионеров второй этаж

Дом пионеров второй этаж

8 rooms / 2 - 4 places
from 8900 rub/days
Дом вожатых

Дом вожатых

11 rooms / 1 - 2 places
from 2100 rub/days


We can handle weddings and anniversaries, corporate parties and strategic sessions. The Residence can easily accommodate up to 100 people.

What is there to do

Do you like fishing? You can’t live without cycling? Can’t imagine a summer vacation without getting a suntan? You’ll find amusements for every taste at Veretevo Art Residence!